Endo/GI Tech Skills Evaluation

Endo/GI Tech

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Self-Assessment Rating Scale:

    No Experience
    Theory or observation only during the past 12 months

    Limited Experience
    Performed less than 12 times within the past 12 months and may need a review

    Performed at least once per month within the past 12 months and may need minimal assistance

    Highly Skilled
    Performed on at least a weekly basis over the past 12 months; proficient
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Assist with EGD’s
    Assist with Endoscopic Ultrasound
    Assist with Active GI Bleed
    Cautery Devices
    Assist with Manometry Studies
    Assist with Variceal Banding
    Assist with Esophageal Dilations (Balloon)
    Assist with Esophageal Dilations (Other)
    Assist with Sclerotherapy
    Assist with TEE
    Assist with Bronchoscopy
    Assist with Colonoscopy
    Assist with Polypectomy
    Assist with ERCP’s
    Assist with PEG Placements
    Assist with Collection of Hot and Cold Bx’s
    Specimen Collection and Labeling
    Apply External Abdominal Pressure to Assist w/ Scope Management
    Monitoring of Conscious Sedation
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Knowledge of Sedation Reversal
    O2 Administration
    Pulse Oximetry
    Scope Cleaning
    Set-Up of Scopes and Video Equipment
    Obtain IV Access
    Pre-Procedure Checklist
    Pre-Procedure Teaching
    Monitor EKG’s
    Monitor O2 Stats
    Monitor VS
    Use of Sedation Recovery SCale
    Airway Management
    Assess GI Statue Post-Procedure
    Assess for Gag Reflex Post EDG
    Perform Post Procedure Teaching
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Computer Charting Systems
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Newborn/Neonates (Birth-30 days)
    Infant (31 days-1 year)
    Toddler (2-3 years)
    Preschool (4-5 years)
    School Age/Adolescent (6-18 years)
    Young Adults (19-30 years)
    Adult (31-59 years)
    Geriatric/Elderly (60+ years)

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