Make Some $$$: Refer a Friend

Here’s how it works. You refer your friends, and we’ll reach out to them. If they successfully complete their assignment, you’ll get $400, and they’ll get $400. #SharingIsCaring


But wait? there’s more! :)

In a bit, you’ll get an email from our system with your own ambassador link. When you share that out, your friends can become ambassadors. And we’ll pay you when they get paid too. And their friends. And their friends. You could be a billionaire!!!*

*Maybe, but probably not.

Disclaimer (all the fun legal stuff):
To qualify, the referral must be a new employee to Focus Staff, and must complete a 13 week contract assignment. But good news, you (the referring party) don’t need to be a healthcare professional, so you can put that MCAT for beginners study book away. We pay out referrals at the end of every month. Oh, and your referral income is taxable. Uncle Sam don’t play.

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