Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing Technologist

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Self-Assessment Rating Scale

    No Experience
    Theory or observation only during the past 12 months

    Limited Experience
    Performed less than 12 times within the past 12 months and may need a review

    Performed at least once per month within the past 12 months and may need minimal assistance

    Highly Skilled
    Performed on at least a weekly basis over the past 12 months; proficient
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperienceHighly Skilled
    Assembly and Preparation - Autoclave tape
    Assembly and Preparation - Dust covers
    Assembly and Preparation - Heat sealing
    Assembly and Preparation - Instrument count sheets
    Assembly and Preparation - Labeling
    Assembly and Preparation - Linen folding
    Assembly and Preparation - Packing for steam
    Assembly and Preparation - Placement of instruments on trays
    Assembly and Preparation - Wrapping materials
    Decontamination - Cleaning equipment
    Decontamination - Detergents
    Decontamination - Disinfectants
    Decontamination - Disposable items
    Decontamination - Manual cleaning
    Decontamination - Sharps
    Decontamination - Soiled items
    Decontamination - Washer sterilization
    Processing - Bowie-Dick test
    Processing - Endoscopes
    Processing - Instrument counting
    Processing - Prepare surgical instrument tray
    Processing - Reassemble instrument sets
    Processing - Sets/trays
    Processing - Single instruments
    Steam Sterilization - Biological monitoring
    Steam Sterilization - Chart recording
    Steam Sterilization - Monitoring
    Steam Sterilization - Testing
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Understand TJC national patient safety goals
    Universal precautions

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