Meet Adrienne Rowe
Healthcare Recruiter

Adrienne was born and raised in Oakland City Indianapolis.  She is a die hard Colts fan, and has two beautiful girls; one is a high school senior and one a sophomore.  Her hobbies right now are-her girls.  So, her weekends are packed with volleyball games primarily.  She loves animals and has three dogs and a cat.  Before she became a recruiter, she was both a hair stylist and even had her own photography business-talk about well rounded!  She loves her job because both of her parents were in a hospital and nursing/rehab facilities before they passed away. The facilities they were in provided them with the best care. Now, when she is able to staff facilities it helps her in knowing these providers could be helping out someone else’s family just the same.  One of her favorite quotes is “What if I fall?!?  Oh, but my Darling…What if you Fly??”  That’s a beautiful one!

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