Meet Brodie Alan
Healthcare Recruiter

Brodie is a remote recruiter living in sunny California. He is a born and raised Californian which gave him his love for outdoors.

He loves board sports, swimming, and hiking. He loves tattoos and loves yours too- He loves to hear the stories behind people’s tattoos. He has a love for traveling and experiencing new food and cultures.
Even though he isn’t from Dallas, home of our headquarters, Brodie is a Dallas Cowboys fan. We love to see it! He loves to catch a game with friends and family. He’s also a Conor McGregor fan (aren’t we all!).
Focus Staff has allowed Brodie to make real connections with his travelers and help them on their journey. He gets to meet and connect with many different personality types; this fills his cup.

Brodie’s all-time favorite quote, that continues to inspire him to never get complacent or bored with life is “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?”.


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What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Focus Staff worked hard to find me a job I liked. Brody Alan my recruiter was on it! I know he is the reason I’m working at my current position. Thank you Brody and thank you Focus Staff!”

Cassandra C.
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