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Brynna was born in South Carolina, but then moved to a small town north of Dallas until she graduated high school.  After graduating, she moved all over to find her new ‘home’ including places like; Oklahoma, New York, Kansas, and now in California.  She does love it in California but plans to move back to Texas because it just feels home there.  

She loves recruiting at Focus Staff, because she gets to meet so many new people and build lots of great relationships.  

In her spare time, you can find her hanging with her husband and his family.  They spend alot of time on the beach, going downtown to explore, and she also loves to stay in for a good game night!  The family is all different ages but they love to hang out and she says they just “blend together so well.”  She is grateful to be healthy and thriving now, as she did have a nasty car accident in May of 2022 which resulted in her breaking more than twenty bones, resulting in multiple surgeries, and a ten day coma.  

This accident and her experiences in life have given her quite the perspective.  She loves to say “there will be times when people tell you, that you can’t live your dreams…and when they do…she quotes the wise sage Justin Bieber…”Never say Never”  (insert wink here)  


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