Meet Camry Johnson
Healthcare Recruiter

Camry was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, but is now a proud Dallasite.  When she is not recruiting, she loves to spend time singing and writing poetry.  She is also great doing nails!  She has a true passion for helping others, and she loves that Focus Staff allows her to help others in a positive way.  One of her favorite quotes is “Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.”

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What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Focus Staff has been a great company to work for!! My recruiter, Camry, has been amazing! Always available when I need questions answered and to find me the perfect contract that meets my needs. Thank you so much Camry and Focus Staff!!”


Janice D.

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“My recruiter is Camry Johnson who is absolutely wonderful! She always sends me the best pay packages, checks up on me during my travel assignment, available whenever I have questions, the friendliest and most dependable recruiter to work with. I would highly recommend Camry to others who are joining this company.”


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