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Chase was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. This beqach town is very touristy and is known for “spring break.” It was a pretty small town, and Chase knew I wanted to get out of there as soon as he could.  When he graduated, he was accepted into the University of North Texas.  He moved to Denton Texas, and completed both his bachelors and masters (in Instrumental Musical Education) while at UNT.  He taught middle school in Frisco, Texas before coming to work at Focus Staff.

He loves his work at Focus Staff, because at its core, he is helping people get great opportunities.  He loves to help in every way possible.  He too is infatuated with travel, so looking for different employment options around the country is very fascinating work for him.  He loves living vicariously through his healthcare professionals.  He also enjoys using his teaching background to educate healthcare professionals on everything from market trends, to contract language, and everything in between.

Chase does have some very interesting things going on, between knowing how to play the trumpet very well amongst other instruments and also being married to an individual in another country.  He has also traveled to twelve different countries and looking to build on that soon! 

One of his favorite quotes is “Apply yourself to the basics, and progress will follow” -unknown 

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