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Born and bred in Dallas, Darryl is a huge fan of the Mavericks.  MFFL (that’s Mavs Fan for Life, for those not in the know).  Before joining Focus Staff and getting into the staffing industry, Darryl was a Baptist Missionary, going on missionary trips to Albania and the Czech Republic.  A life long student, Darryl is devoted to learning something new every day.  You may find him sending a daily motivational quote, or thought for the day.  Now, who doesn’t appreciate that?!?

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“I would highly recommend this travel company to any Sterile Processing Tech looking to travel! I’ve always heard that your recruiter can make or break your experiences and my recruiter, Darryl Clark, has been an absolute charm to work with! Anytime I have questions or need anything I just message him and he is always quick to reply and if he is unsure of the answer, he goes above and beyond to make sure I get an answer. Darryl always has a positive attitude and is so easy to talk to. You can always hear the smile in his voice! I’ve never had any problems with getting a contract in a timely manner and getting ready for the next one. I know working for Focus Staff that Darryl has my back and I will continue to work here for as long as I can! Thanks for making my traveling experience a wonderful one Darryl!”

Jennifer H.
Sterile Processing Tech

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“My recruiter Darryl C. is simply the BEST!!! He always has my back and looks out for my best interests. He checks in with me every week to see how I’m doing and if he can help with any issues I might be having, even when he’s on vacation. I was so lucky to have been referred to him. Together we make an awesome team!”

Colleen P.
Medical Technologist

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Darryl has been AMAZING! Wouldn’t change who I have as a Recruiter at all!”

Patricia M.
Endo Tech

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Darryl Clark is hardworking and dedicated to his job. Happy to work with him!”

Lisa B.
Med Tech

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Darryl Clark is by far one of the best recruiters, co workers and dare I say friend at work. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and Focus Staff. If I had this in any other job since working as a camp counselor when I was 18, I would not have met Darryl or Focus Staff because I would have never left. Camp closed (or I would still be there today) and COVID has settled since starting my adventure with Focus staff. I give my gratitude daily for having had this opportunity. And if I haven’t said it enough, Thank You Darryl Clark! Thank you, Focus Staff!!!!”

Dawn R.
Med/Surg RN
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