Meet Emily Thorne
Account Manager

Emily was born and raised in Tyler Texas, east of Dallas by about an hour and a half.  She has never lived anywhere other than Texas, and says she would be surprised if she ever did.

She has been married for three years now, and has a little girl named Charlotte.  She also has a beautiful dog-Archie.

She loves all things “true crime” in her words “I’m your girl if you ever need suggestions on a murder documentary.”

In her pre-Focus Staff life, she was an event planner and still loves planning events and hosting.  Her favorite hobbies are to cook, decorate, arrange flowers, spend time with family, shop (she is the queen of finding Facebook marketplace deals) and says she is basically a typical traditional southern girl.  She finds it important to note that she she hates spicy food, and is terrified of possums.  Duly noted Emily!

She loves Focus Staff and her job, because she loves working with people and handling both sides of the placement process.  The enjoyment of helping people get great positions, the atmosphere at the office, and the people she works with make every day an adventure for her.



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