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Gabriele, also known as “Gabby” around here is one of our top recruiters and has built a loyal following of travelers in her time with Focus.  She was raised in far North Dallas.

She is a part time hair stylist and braider.  If you get the opportunity to do video calls with her or see her on social media, you can see her look changes quickly too!  She is part of a royal family back in her home country of Ghana, and thats pretty neat!  She might be our only royalty on staff!

She loves recruiting because she enjoys making great connections with people, and getting to know them on a personal level.  One of her favorite expressions is from her pastor “Time is a Factor.”  Feel free to ask her about the significance of that!


What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“So far I’m very happy with Focus Staff. Gabrielle Darko my recruiter is the most professional and helpful recruiter I ever worked with.She’s gentle and kind and always checking to make sure I am ok. Great place to work.”

Adenise M
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