Meet Jason Amos
Healthcare Recruiter

Jason is one of our awesome remote recruiters. He grew up in Ohio and spends much of his time in Florida (We would too, fun!). He hopes permanently to relocate to Florida one day.

Focus Staff is a great fit for Jason because his position gives him endless opportunities to make a real difference in traveler’s lives. When he receives calls or letters from his travelers stating that they were able to make amazing life changes due to their placements, he feels immensely fulfilled.

Fun fact: Jason’s a twin! Not many of us can say that. Jason has an old soul and truly sees the value of chivalry and connection. He loves to write letters and cards to his loved ones. Jason spends some time shooting (he is a former Marine) and spending quality time with his fiancé and pups. You can count on him to watch a Steeler’s game with you. He’s very multi-faceted!

His favorite quote is “ This too shall pass”.

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