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Despite being born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jason is not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Nope! His heart belongs to the San Francisco 49ers. Want to talk sports while searching for your next assignment? Jason’s your guy! One unique fact about Jason is that he purposely grows out his hair to donate it in honor of his grandmother, who passed away from cancer. It’s a heartfelt gesture that will always hold a special meaning in his heart! If Jason had to pick one place to explore in the USA, it would be Hawaii. Having already sent numerous travelers down there, he wants to experience it for himself! Who wouldn’t want to work and play in paradise?

Jason is all about helping healthcare workers find their rightful place and making a difference in people’s lives. And why Focus Staff? Well for Jason, the real question is: why not? Jason loves the culture and the genuine people that make it feel like he’s apart of a big, supportive family. None of that phony stuff here!

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