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Jessica was born and raised in Dallas Texas and loves her Texas Rangers.  She is a dedicated member of our compliance team, and loves it because in her words she is “OCD and love to be organized.”  She has two beautiful girls, one beautiful pit bull, and they all love sharing time together; whether it be shopping, doing their nails, or even making slime at home.

She also loves her work because it makes her feel good knowing that shes helping people, that also help people.  She is a big part of them getting to the job they want and it being a great experience.  She also wants to remind you that shes OCD, ha!

One of her favorite quotes “It makes you look good when you avoid a fight.  Only fools love to quarrel.” -Proverbs 20:3


What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Jessica Reyna, the credentialing coordinator was absolutely awesome and made the process of getting started so easy and less stressful! She has done a wonderful job and is always so helpful as well as everyone else I have worked with at focus staff!”

Mike W.
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