Meet Joe Pagano
Recruitment Manager

Joe was originally born in Stormville New York, and then raised in Dutchess County New York.  He is one of our few northerners, but we wont hold it against him.

He currently has his hands full with his 9 month old daughter, Gabriela.  He also two beautiful pets; Luna (dog) and Minerva (cat).

Prior to working at Focus Staff, Joe was a plumber; investment property manager, and general manager of a bar and sports facility.  Safe to assume he is a jack of all trades!

Two of his favorite movies are Full Metal Jacket, and Patton.  In his spare time, he loves to do anything outdoors and especially camping and fishing.

To quote Joe on why he loves what he does, “I love what I do because of the gratification I get from helping someone get hired for a position they want.  Knowing that their work there will help improve the quality of care and life for the facility’s patients is something to take great joy in.”


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