Meet Julie Bowen
People Operations

Julie was born in beautiful New Orleans and lived in a different house every year from the ages of 3-14.  I think this may make her flexible and adaptable? She calls Texas where she ‘grew up’ but “its really been out of a suit case” she says.

She loves to ride a bike that goes nowhere, and logs at least 100 miles a month.  She has a 2 year old cat and an 11 month puppy at home. Her favorite movie is Legally Blonde; and she loves all things chocolate, the first sip of a beer, weather over 90 degrees, throwing Happy Hours and her big Texas family!  She loves visiting breweries with her puppy, cycling, and before the ol’ COVID hit, she was traveling a ton.

She was a competitive cheerleader most of her childhood and loves to turn anything into a competition…so she fits right in here at Focus.

She has worked for giant tech, start ups, and even an airline.  She has 2 HR certifications; SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.  She loves working at Focus Staff, and helping in all things “people”.  We are a people driven business and she’s at the forefront of bringing in our next best talent.


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