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Kyle grew up in northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts. He was raised by his mother in Enfield, Connecticut. She taugh him the value of putting in the work to provide for your family, and she continues to embody this today. She even went back to college (in her 60s) to prove the point that its never too late to work on yourself. She is without a doubt one of Kyle’s heroes and mentors.
He is a huge fan of Tom Brady, in that he was selected in the 6th round but has become arguably the best quarterback of all time. He wasn’t physically gifted, but worked extremely hard to get where he has become.
Kyle loves being a healthcare recruiter because he gets to put healthcare professionals in places where their talent can shine. He is thankful to work at Focus Staff, because he has a great support system in place to provide the best service possible to his clinicians.
He and his wife have two sons, and their dogs. THey have brother and sister Wire Haired Terriers, and three black cats (the lucky kind).
In his spare time, he volunteers as a part time firefighter and EMT. He also loves to go exploring in Connecticut to local restaurants, wineries, and breweries.

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