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Mandy made a bold move two years ago, leaving her hometown of only 5,000 people in Indiana and venturing to the bustling DFW area all on her own. She took on the challenge, building a life without the support of family nearby. Whenever she’s on the highway and sees the busy traffic of 635, she can’t help but compare it to the entire population of her hometown. It’s a reminder of how far she’s come and the incredible journey she’s embarked upon. Mandy lives by the belief that there’s always tomorrow. This quote keeps her spirits high, reminds her to keep pushing forward, and to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

When entering the healthcare staffing world, Mandy found herself drawn to Focus Staff’s incredible culture and values. While it wasn’t her initial intention, being part of this team allows her to ensure that the nursing staff we work with receive fair and proper pay rates from the facilities we staff. Mandy is all about fairness and advocacy around here!

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