Meet McKenna Thorngren
Healthcare Recruiter

McKenna is another one of our Midwesterners, being born and raised in Omaha Nebraska.  This of course lends her to being a ravid Cornhuskers fan!  She is also a huge fan of the former NFL player, Danny Woodhead because she loves his work ethic and trust in god.  McKenna has some unique hobbies and interests including; horse jumping, live country music, scuba diving, F45 workouts, and of course hanging out with family and friends.  If she is watching TV, its likely going to be a documentary or psychological thriller.  She loves recruiting and Focus Staff for the opportunity to help people and to work in such a dynamic and friendly work environment.  One of her favorite sayings is “and then there is the most dangerous risk of all…the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom later.”

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