Meet Missy Crenshaw
Credentialing Analyst

Missy was originally born in Houston Texas, but then raised in Dallas.
She is the proud mother of two children, and a dog named Rocket…who fittingly can run about 26 miles per hour!

Her favorite movie is “The Color Purple” and anything by Steven Spielberg. She loves to do vinyl projects on her Cricut, watching Dallas Stars hockey, watching movies, listening to music, and “Free Play” (an 80’s retro arcade) with her kids.

Prior to working at Focus Staff she spent eighteen years in real estate. She now gets to combine her healthcare education with her HR education, and loves to stretch her muscles in both.
She loves her job because she is always learning new things. Helping healthcare professionals get to start the assignment and knowing she was a part of it is a great feeling for her. Its sort of a vicarious life to be able to see them travel and succeed.

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