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Born in Fort Worth and living in the DFW area since the age of 8, Norma is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and no she doesn’t care how often they lose! Norma is also a big family girl – She’s been with her husband for 15 years and together they have 2 kids that bring immense joy into her life. Family is a top priority for Norma and spending quality time with them is something she will always cherish! Norma is inspired by the quote, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” These wise words by Beyonce remind her to focus on personal growth and success.

Recruiting comes naturally to Norma and she takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. Her number one goal each day is to help people, help people. Norma truly appreciates all the healthcare workers out there and believes nurses to be the backbone of our healthcare industry. Her focus each day is to build strong relationships, understand the unique wants and needs of healthcare professionals, and ensure they are satisfied. Norma’s charismatic presence makes her easy to talk to – she will be your recruiter and friend all in one!

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