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Sandi has had a wild ride in life. From flying planes to owning a bunch of pets, she has led a fabulous life. But that’s not all—she’s got an extensive list of jobs and roles she’s worked that would make anyone’s head spin. We’re talking Specialized Probation Officer, Forest Service worker, Air Force member, Life Coach, Semi-pro Dancer, Professional Painter, Lieutenant in Prison, Squad leader for the Certified Emergency Response Team, Bar Owner, Investigator for the State in Child Abuse, Postal Carrier, Finance Manager, and now Healthcare Recruiter. Phew! And let’s not forget her humble beginnings. Sandi grew up in Salida, Colorado, in low-income housing and moved around more times than you can count. But guess what? She’s the first one in her family to graduate from college, and that’s inspired many more to follow in her footsteps. Sandi grabs life by the horns and never settles for less!

Sandi is a rockstar in the world of healthcare staffing. She’s found her groove with Focus Staff and loves our mantra of getting things done. Sandi believes that there are never-ending opportunities for growth and success here for both recruiters and travelers.

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Focus Staff is a great company to work with. My recruiter Sandi is the best! She really listens to what I want and she works hard to get me the best schedule and pay. Responds quickly to my calls/text and if she doesn’t know she will definitely find out information needed. I couldn’t have ask for a more enthusiastic and motivating recruiter. I appreciate you Sandi!”

Carmethia H.

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Currently I am working with Sandi Koch through focus staffing and it has been a phenomenal experience! She is very attentive and communicates as often as you would ever need and answers any questions possible! Couldn’t ask for a better travel company or recruiter for my first time traveling! Thanks so much for all you do Sandi!”

Christopher S.
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