Best Podcasts for Travel Healthcare Professionals


As a traveling nurse or healthcare professional, it can be almost impossible to keep up with everything going on in the world. Fortunately, podcasts have all but eliminated this problem. Whether you’re interested in the serious stuff, prefer to keep up with only the funniest news, absolutely must know how your favorite sports team is doing, or want to know the 411 on all things related to travel, the perfect podcast is out there. As an added bonus to helping you stay up-to-date, podcasts are ideal for learning about new things and improving your mood after a stressful day.

So. which podcast should you listen to? Here’s our top choices in three of the most common categories.


1. 30 For 30:


If you love sports, or more importantly the story behind the sports, ESPN’s 30 For 30 is everything you’ve been looking for. Each episode tells the story behind some of the most memorable moments and athletes in sports history. You’ll also be introduced to lesser-known stories that serve as the perfect reminder there is still good in the world, even if you’ve just finished the worst shift you’ve ever worked.


2. Skip and Shannon Undisputed


This Monday through Friday podcast makes certain that you have no questions about the day’s biggest sports topics. From discussing who the Packers next head coach will be or which team will win the College Football Playoffs, Skip, Shannon, and Joy make sure you know everything going on in the world of sports.


3.The Lowe Post by ESPN


The Lowe Report is considered by many to be “one of the most entertaining podcasts in sports.” It offers an in-depth analysis of all things related to the NBA, as well as criticism, detail on industry rumors, and more. The hour-long podcast is both entertaining, informative, and an absolute must for NBA fans.


1. Keep It


Keep It is the perfect mix of comedy and pop culture. This insightful podcast has a huge following of dedicated listeners. The hosts, Ira, Kara, and Louis, are joined with rotating guest actors, journalists, politicians, musicians, and comedians. Every week they give their thoughts on everything from Priyanka and Nick’s recent wedding to the president’s frequent tweets.


2. Never Not Funny


On the air since 2006, Never Not Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian, Jim Pardo. The award-winning podcast also features a revolving list of guests that perfectly complement Jimmy’s rambling style. Essentially, it’s talk morning radio but is hilarious, there are no ads, and the topics are always off the wall. If you know you’re in for a long day at work, listen to it on the way in and start your day off in a good mood.


3. Big Grande Teachers Lounge

Big Grande Teachers’ Lounge

You don’t have to be a teacher to appreciate this group of incompetent teachers breakdown of their previous school week. It’s absolutely absurd, and the stories are great. If your goal is to laugh until you cry, this podcast will do it.

Not all travel assignments are great. The location may not be all that interesting to explore. Your new colleagues may even be grumpy. In some cases, you may not be impressed with the facility. Thankfully, as a travel nurse you are never more than 13 weeks away from saying “Bye, Felicia”, knowing that you’ll never have to come back. The grumpy people in the boring town are stuck there.  Unless they decide to become travel nurses too but then again, they aren’t cool like you.


1. National Geographic Weekend


There is no better way to gain inspiration for traveling than from some of the world’s top explorers and scientists. In this weekly podcast, you’ll learn of their journeys and definitely experience some wanderlust.


2. Travel Tales Podcast


If you love humor as much you love to travel; Travel Tales is perfect for you. The host is a comedian who has collected amazing travel horror stories that will leave you gasping for air. At the same time, you’ll learn what to look out for, so you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.


3. Travel with Rick Steves


If you are looking for expert tips and advice on travel, this is the gold standard. The host has extensive knowledge that comes from living like a vagabond. Plus, he often has big-name guests who stop by to talk about their own travels.

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