Best States for Travel Nurses during Christmas Season!


Chloe’ Sizer | November 20th, 2023

Hey fellow globe-trotting nurses and holiday enthusiasts! As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, it’s only natural to wonder where you can spread some holiday cheer while doing what you love. Let’s explore the best states for travel nurses to be in during the Christmas season, where you can experience the magic of the holidays while still making a difference in healthcare.

1. New York:
The Big Apple shines even brighter during Christmas. From the iconic Rockefeller Center tree lighting to the enchanting window displays along Fifth Avenue, New York City is a winter wonderland. Plus, there’s no shortage of healthcare opportunities in this bustling metropolis.

2. California:
Dreaming of a sunny Christmas? California offers a unique blend of warm weather and festive charm. You can experience beachside celebrations in cities like San Diego or revel in the vibrant holiday spirit of San Francisco.

3. Colorado:
If you’re a fan of a white Christmas, Colorado is the place to be. With its picturesque mountain towns like Aspen and Vail, you’ll find yourself in a snowy paradise. Plus, the state’s healthcare scene is thriving, offering plenty of opportunities for travel nurses.

4. Texas:
Texas does everything big, and Christmas is no exception. Cities like San Antonio and Austin come alive with dazzling lights, parades, and festive events. The Lone Star State also boasts a robust healthcare industry, providing ample opportunities for travel nurses.

5. Louisiana:
Experience the unique holiday traditions of the South in Louisiana. New Orleans, in particular, is known for its lively celebrations, including festive parades and incredible cuisine. Plus, the demand for healthcare professionals is steady in the state.

6. Florida:
Swap snow for sand in the Sunshine State. Florida offers a warm escape during the winter months, with cities like Orlando and Miami hosting spectacular holiday events. The healthcare sector in Florida is thriving, making it an ideal destination for travel nurses.

7. Nevada:
Las Vegas might not be the first place that comes to mind for Christmas, but it sure knows how to put on a show. The Strip transforms into a dazzling display of lights and entertainment. Additionally, Nevada offers a range of healthcare opportunities, especially in Las Vegas.

8. Massachusetts:
Experience the charm of New England during the holidays in Massachusetts. Cities like Boston are steeped in history and exude a classic Christmas ambiance. The state is also known for its exceptional healthcare institutions, providing ample job opportunities.

9. Tennessee:
Nashville and Memphis are at their musical best during the Christmas season. From lively concerts to festive markets, Tennessee offers a unique holiday experience. Plus, the demand for healthcare professionals is strong in these dynamic cities.

10. Illinois:
Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and Millennium Park transform into a winter wonderland during the holidays. The Windy City’s festive spirit is contagious. Illinois also offers a diverse range of healthcare facilities, providing numerous options for travel nurses.

So, whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or a sunny holiday season, these states offer a perfect blend of holiday magic and professional opportunities for travel nurses. Embrace the festive spirit, make a difference in healthcare, and create unforgettable holiday memories. Safe travels and happy holidays! 🎄🌟

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