Can My Family Come with Me on Assignment?


There are many reasons to pursue a career as a traveling healthcare professional. Along with the excellent pay and benefits, most people site the flexibility, opportunities to explore new places, and chances to do new things as reasons they decided to live the travel life.

But there’s another benefit some travelers don’t necessarily think about: In most cases, you can take your family along as well. So if you’d like to hop around the country with a significant other, family with kids, or even your dog, nothing is stopping you!

Naturally, this takes some planning – but so does traveling by yourself. And the benefits of sharing experiences, seeing new places, and being together can be well worth it. So if you’re considering bringing the family along on your next assignment, preparation is the key before hitting the road. Here are five important tips to remember.

Talk with your Recruiter

Before you get too far down the road, so to speak, talk to your agency recruiter. In most cases, they can help you find a place for you to stay. Be sure to provide them with the details, including how many bedrooms you’ll require, if you have a pet, how close to a school you’ll need to be, etc.  At Focus Staff, we can also provide helpful checklists to ensure you know what’s already provided with your housing and what you’ll need to bring or purchase once you arrive.

Choose the Right Location

Keep in mind that the primary focus of your new search should be your destination. You’ll be moving with your family, so you’ll want to find a place that your loved ones will find interesting and that’s safe for your children – should you have kids. Safety may also mean finding assignments close to family or friends for your first on-the-road experience until you get the hang of traveling with family members.

Is Everyone Covered?

When it comes to health insurance, your agency will provide you with coverage as part of your package. But it’s possible that your family may not be covered.  Be sure that you’ve checked on everyone’s insurance coverage prior to accepting your assignment. You’re staffing partner can work with you in this regard. Lastly, find a family doctor or dentist – and if necessary, a veterinarian – at your new location before you leave so you’ll be ready for everything.

Line Up Childcare (If Needed)

If you’re traveling with kids and they’ll need daycare, will you be able to plan your schedule around that of your children? Will your spouse be able to care for them? Again, this is an area where some planning goes a long way. If you do need daycare, it’s best to check ahead to see what’s available.

School-Aged Children?

A good recruiter can help provide information about the schools at your new location and how to enroll your kids. Some traveling healthcare professionals with spouses have elected to homeschool their children while on assignment. Some places (especially during COVID-19) offer cyber schooling. Another possibility is traveling during the summer months while your kids are on break.

At Focus Staff, we understand the ins and outs of traveling healthcare professionals during these challenging times and have access to a wide variety of excellent professional opportunities. To learn more, contact us today.

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