Cozy Up with the Best Unisex Travel Nurse Scrubs for Winter Adventures


Chloe’ Sizer | January 9th, 2024

Hey wanderlust-filled travel nurses! Winter is here, and you know what that means – it’s time to swap out those lightweight scrubs for something a bit cozier. But finding the perfect unisex scrubs that are not only warm but also stylish can be a challenge. Fear not, because we’ve rounded up the best unisex travel nurse scrubs that will have you feeling like a winter warrior on your healthcare journey. Let’s dive in!

1. Grey’s Anatomy EDGE Unisex Scrub Set:
Winter blues? Not with Grey’s Anatomy EDGE Unisex Scrub Set! This set is a game-changer with its polyester-spandex blend, offering warmth and flexibility. The modern fit ensures you stay on trend while keeping those winter chills at bay. Because why sacrifice style for comfort?

2. FIGS Unisex Scrub Set:
FIGS strikes again, and this time it’s all about keeping things unisex and cozy. The FIGS Unisex Scrub Set boasts innovative technical features that make winter shifts a breeze. Moisture-wicking? Check. Breathable? Absolutely. Stylish? You bet. It’s like wearing a warm hug while you conquer your travel nursing adventures.

3. Cherokee Workwear Revolution Unisex Scrub Set:
Revolutionize your winter wardrobe with the Cherokee Workwear Revolution Unisex Scrub Set. The poly-cotton blend offers a classic feel with a modern twist. Comfortable, warm, and equipped with ample pockets for all your nursing essentials – this set is your winter go-to.

4. Dickies EDS Signature Unisex Scrub Set:
Dickies EDS Signature Unisex Scrub Set is a timeless choice for winter warriors. The blend of polyester and cotton ensures durability and warmth. With a unisex fit, these scrubs are perfect for both male and female travel nurses embracing the winter chill.

5. Barco One Unisex Scrub Set:
Barco One doesn’t disappoint when it comes to unisex scrubs for winter. The eco-friendly fabric is breathable yet cozy, making it an ideal choice for those chilly shifts. Plus, the modern design adds a touch of flair to your winter workwear.

6. Landau Unisex Scrub Set:
Landau Unisex Scrub Set is a classic that stands the test of time, especially during winter. The blend of polyester and cotton keeps you warm without sacrificing comfort. It’s like a winter coat, but in scrub form!

7. Skechers by Barco Vitality Unisex Scrub Set:
Skechers has your back – and your front – with the Vitality Unisex Scrub Set. Stay warm, stay stylish – that’s the motto. The breathable fabric ensures you’re not overheating, and the unisex design means everyone can rock these scrubs with confidence.


Winter adventures call for scrubs that can handle the chill while keeping you looking sharp and feeling cozy. From the sleek styles of Grey’s Anatomy EDGE to the innovative comfort of FIGS, these unisex scrub sets are your winter wardrobe’s best companions.

So, fellow travel nurses, gear up and brace yourselves for the winter wonderland that awaits. With these unisex scrubs, you’ll be conquering your healthcare journey in style and warmth! Stay cozy out there!

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