Drive or Fly to Your Healthcare Assignment: Maximize Time, Money & Convenience


Kim Lee | March 23rd, 2024

Hey travel nurses, physician assistants, therapists – you name it, this one’s for you! Landing that perfect healthcare assignment is fantastic, but then comes the not-so-glamorous question: how do you get there? Buckle up (or loosen your seatbelt) because we’re diving deep into the great Drive vs. Fly debate for travel assignments. We’ll explore the pros and cons of each option to help you choose the method that maximizes your time, money, and, of course, convenience. 

What is Better Driving or Flying to a Travel Assignment? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best choice depends on a bunch of factors, like the distance, your budget, your tolerance for long drives, and even whether you want to bring your furry friend along. Let’s break it down and see which option might be the travel champion for you! 

Drive vs. Fly Pros and Cons 

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. We’ll compare driving and flying on key factors to help you make an informed decision. 


  • Driving: Pros: You save money on plane tickets!
    Cons: Gas, wear and tear on your car, potential hotel stays on long trips can add up.
  • Flying: Pros: Often cheaper for long distances, especially if you snag a good deal.
    Cons: Plane tickets, baggage fees, and airport transportation can be pricey.


  • Driving: Pros: You control your own schedule and can make pit stops whenever you need.
    Cons: It can take significantly longer, depending on the distance.
  • Flying: Pros: Much faster – you’ll be at your new assignment in no time!
    Cons: Security lines, baggage claim, and potential delays can eat into your travel time.


  • Driving: Pros: Bring all your creature comforts – your favorite snacks, pillows, even your pet (with proper planning).
    Cons: Long drives can be tiring and monotonous.
  • Flying: Pros: Relax and unwind! Read a book, catch up on a movie, or simply nap.
    Cons: Dealing with airports and luggage can be a hassle.

Other Factors: 

Here are some additional considerations: 

  • Distance: For shorter assignments closer to home, driving might be more feasible. For longer distances, flying might be the more efficient option. 
  • Car Maintenance: Ensure your car is in tip-top shape before a long drive. Factor in potential maintenance costs along the way. 
  • Weather: Winter storms or extreme heat can significantly impact driving times and safety. 
  • Personal Preference: Do you enjoy road trips, or do you prefer to get to your destination ASAP? 

Driving to Your Travel Assignment: Hitting the Road Like a Pro 

So, you’ve decided to hit the open road. Here are some tips to make your drive a smooth ride: 

  • Plan your route: Use mapping apps to find the most efficient route and factor in rest stops and potential traffic delays. 
  • Pack smart: Bring essentials like snacks, drinks, a phone charger, and entertainment options. Don’t forget comfortable clothing and shoes for long stretches behind the wheel. 
  • Buddy Up: Consider carpooling with another travel healthcare professional to share driving duties and costs, and make the trip more enjoyable. 
  • Stay Safe: Get plenty of sleep before you leave, buckle up always, and don’t push yourself too hard. Take breaks every few hours to stretch your legs and avoid fatigue. 

Flying to Your Travel Assignment: Soaring into Your New Adventure 

If the skies are calling your name, here are some tips for a smooth flight: 

  • Book in advance: Snag the best deals on plane tickets by booking well in advance, especially during peak travel times. 
  • Pack light: Airline baggage fees can be hefty. Consider packing a carry-on only to save money and hassle. 
  • Download entertainment: Airport waiting times can drag. Download movies, podcasts, or audiobooks to keep yourself entertained. 
  • Be prepared for delays: Flight delays can happen. Pack a good book or download some games on your phone for unexpected layovers. 

Drive or Fly? 

Ultimately, the choice between driving and flying boils down to your individual circumstances and preferences. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, consider the tips above, and trust your gut. No matter which option you choose, a successful travel assignment starts with a smooth transition to your new location. 

Happy Travels! 

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