Focus Staff named again for the SMU Cox Dallas 100tm List


PRESS RELEASE – November 06, 2018



On Thursday, November 1st, Focus Staff received the 28th Annual SMU Cox Dallas 100™ Award.

The Cox School’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship ranks the top 100 Dallas entrepreneurial companies annually based on percentage growth and absolute dollar growth over the previous three years. The Institute, working with the accounting firm BKD LLP CPAs and Advisors examined sales from hundreds of companies for 2015 to 2017, the last year for which complete data is available. The winners represent a broad spectrum of Dallas-area businesses.

Dallas 100™, co-founded by the SMU Cox Caruth Institute, honors the ingenuity, commitment, and perseverance of the fastest-growing privately held entrepreneurial businesses in the Dallas area. This year’s winning companies collectively generated $3.3 billion in sales in 2017, according to Jerry White, the Linda A. and Kenneth R. Morris Endowed Director of the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship at SMU Cox. Collectively, the Dallas 100™ companies grew at an average annual growth rate of 87 percent from 2015 to 2017. Together, they created 11,096 jobs in that same period.   

According to White, “These companies are amazing growth machines. They can create a fantastic number of jobs and pump hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy,” said White. “For 28 years, the Caruth Institute at SMU Cox has honored the critical role of entrepreneurship in the DFW economy, which has thrived specifically because of its long history of entrepreneurial spirit.”

Focus Staff is delighted to be a part of Dallas business community and proud to be able to make such a vital contribution to the local economy. Upon receiving the award Focus Staff Founder and CEO, Kyle Rhodes said: “So delighted to be a part of this amazing team and the traveling healthcare professionals that make this possible.” Focus Staff would like to thank its employees and partners who helped make this achievement possible. We look forward to future growth and being a leader in the business community.

For more information about the award visit the SMU Cox School of Business Website (https://www.smu.edu/cox/Centers-and-Institutes/Caruth-Institute-for-Entrepreneurship/Dallas-100)

To see how Focus Staff is changing the healthcare industry, visit our website www.focus-staff.com.

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