How to find the best Deals on your Travel Assignment


How Find the Best Deals During Your Traveling Healthcare Assignment

When you arrive at your traveling healthcare placement, the first thing you’ll want to do is get to know your new city. Before you dive into exploring all the attractions, restaurants and social events on offer during your 13 weeks away, make sure you’ve checked for any online deals and money saving apps, to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. After all, the more money you can save, the more you’ll be able to spend on making the most out of the time you have outside of your work assignment.

To help you grab a bargain or two, check out our list below of the top ways to find deals on offer in your local area.


Groupon is the best place to start with when looking for a deal. You can find everything from haircuts, spa days and discounted gym memberships, to money off meals, retail shopping and excursions. It also has a section for buying and selling, similar to Etsy or Craigslist, plus a ‘local’ selection that collects all the new and best offers in your area into an easily searchable list.


Expedia is another website that offers great savings on things to do; you can often find discounted show tickets, sports events and guided tours, plus last-minute deals in case you’re looking for an instant day out. If you become an Expedia member, you’ll have access to the cheapest possible prices, and you can earn rewards that will translate into even more money off future bookings.


Once associated with reviews, Tripadvisor has now developed into a marketplace for everything from cheap flights and hotels to savings on restaurants and attractions. Simply type in your location and select your category to bring up the latest deals available. Tripadvisor also has a handy travel forum available, for locals to share their knowledge on any questions about the area you may have.


Another website that has branched out from their original venture of advertising homestays, Airbnb now includes a section where you can search for experiences and restaurants, based on location. You’ll find activities from food tasting, bar crawls, photoshoots, cultural city tours, art classes, exercise sessions and more. The best part about booking an Airbnb experience is it’s run by local hosts, allowing you to really get to know your new home. It’s also a great way to make some friends!

Free Walking Tours

An easy way to get to know your city is by going on a walking tour, so always start by checking whether you can attend one for free. Companies such as Free Tours by Foot and Freetour.com offer free tours of major US cities such as Denver, LA, Philadelphia, Portland and more, during which time you can quiz your guide on all the best local hangouts. You’re requested to tip, but as you choose the amount you pay, it’s a great way of saving some cash ready for splurging during the rest of your stay.

Skout Deals

Downloading the Skout Deals app is one of the simplest ways to keep up-to-date with any local restaurant and retail deals. The app gathers all the available vouchers into one easy search function; you can filter by area, store type or category and keep a track of any savings you make. Skout Deals guarantees at least 25% off any purchase, plus there’s even the chance to win surprise freebies.


If you’re looking for meal deals that go beyond the usual chain stores, check out restaurant.com for a summary of all the best offers from your local independent neighborhood restaurants. As well as discount vouchers, you’ll find customer reviews that allow you to pick the best deal, plus the option to search by cuisine if you’re unsure of where to go. Finally, there’s the chance to eat for free if you’re willing to promote restaurant.com to businesses not yet signed up to the website.

Lift Sharing

If you’re planning a road trip for your days off, then consider lift sharing. If you have a car with you during your placement, you can advertise your route on sites such as Share Your Ride or ridesharing.com to make some easy savings – and some new friends – by picking up passengers heading the same way. If you’re without a car, then lift shares can be a cheaper way of getting around; remember that Lyft now offers a rideshare option, which heavily discounts the cost of your journey.

Focus Staff also has corporate discounts on car rentals, and hotels.  Contact us for details, and we’d be happy to share the love!



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