January 2019 – Traveler of the Month


Name: Kerry Ann Bernard

Nickname: KB

# of Placements: 8

Recruiter Name: Brett Baird

How long have they been with Focus Staff: 2 years

Places Traveled to: Pennsylvania

Hometown: Ruskin, FL

Why are they Traveler of the Month?:

Since joining Focus Staff, KB has been a model employee.  She consistently pulls in 60 hrs a week!  She is always on top of any compliance needs when things expire or when starting a new assignment.  She never complains, has a sweet disposition and is always a joy to talk with about things with her supervisors and peers.  She has an upstanding work ethic ability to do her job, and her recruiter could say over 100 things more how she represents Focus Staff in the highest way.  She works just as hard for Focus Staff as she does for her assignment.  What else could we say about her but that that she “shines brightly” and we at Focus Staff are so happy to have with our team!

Fun Facts about the Traveler: 

KB loves to have fun and laugh.  She hates to be angry or upset.  Loves to take vacations and try new things every couple of months (that’s her mission).  Hobbies include taking pictures and collecting shoes!

Favorite Quote/Life Motto:

Stay Positive!  Never doubt yourself.  Sometimes, being uncomfortable is what we as humans need to do to better ourselves.

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