New Brand & New Ranking


We’ve got some exciting news. Things probably look a lot different around here. And we’re super proud of some big changes we want to talk about.

First, we’ve undertaken a total rebrand. And it’s not just a logo-swap, bulls**t facelift. We’ve made major changes to the way we operate, and that started by codifying the way we think about ourselves and about you. Our new brand promise is this: it’s about the journey.

So… what exactly does that mean? It means that the joy of traveling isn’t in the pay, or in the work, or in the location, or in the service and you get from us, or the people you meet, the coffee you drink, etc. It’s all of it. It’s the aggregate experience you have when you travel. Our job isn’t just to find you a place to land so we can both make money. Our job is to be there with you on the journey, the whole way, the whole time. Our job is to support you in every way possible, at every interaction to make sure that the journey is everything it should be. That’s what this rebrand is about.

Second big thing: we were just ranked #21 fastest growing staffing agencies by Staffing Industry Analysts (via StaffingHub.) That’s huge for us. Sometimes we feel like David fighting Goliath (or like 30 of them), so this mega shift in growth means we’re getting there. We’re super proud of the agency we’ve built, and none of that could have happened without our awesome travel pros. This kind of public recognition is what motivates us to double down. It’s the reason behind our rebrand.

It’s all very exciting stuff, and we’re stoked to share it with you. Our rebrand is, for us, a new start. It marks the beginning of a new era, a new Focus Staff. So stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more where this came from.

Stay adventurous,
Kyle Rhodes, Founder/CEO

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