On the Move: Must-Read Books for Travel Nurses


Chloe’ Sizer | January 7th, 2024

Embarking on a career as a travel nurse opens up a world of adventure, challenges, and unique experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse looking for inspiration or someone considering this rewarding profession, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored within the pages of travel nursing literature. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the best books about travel nursing that offer valuable insights, guidance, and stories to enrich your journey.

1. “Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map to Travel Nursing” by Epstein LaRue and Joseph C. Smith:
A comprehensive guide for aspiring and experienced travel nurses. Covers topics such as finding the right agency, negotiating contracts, and navigating the unique challenges of life on the road. Practical advice and firsthand experiences from seasoned professionals.

2. “Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing)” by David Morrison:
Written by a veteran travel nurse, this book serves as a go-to resource for all things related to travel nursing. Explores the ins and outs of the profession, including choosing assignments, housing, and dealing with the unexpected. Packed with tips and practical advice for a successful travel nursing career.

3. “The Highway Traveler: A Travel Nursing Adventure” by J.D. Yeatts:
An engaging memoir that chronicles the author’s experiences as a travel nurse. Offers a firsthand account of the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth that come with a life on the road. A blend of storytelling and practical insights, making it an enjoyable and informative read.

4. “Taking Flight: Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation” by Kelly A. Mattiuzzi:
While not exclusively about travel nursing, this book follows the author’s journey as a travel nurse specializing in lung transplantation. Provides a unique perspective on the impact healthcare professionals can have on the lives of their patients. A heartwarming and inspirational read for those interested in the intersection of healthcare and travel.

5. “Nomadic Nurselife: Surviving Contracts 1-10” by Joseph C. Smith:
A collection of stories and insights from the author’s extensive career as a travel nurse. Addresses the highs and lows of life on the road, offering valuable lessons for both novice and seasoned travel nurses. An honest and relatable exploration of the challenges and rewards of the profession.

6. “The Newbie Nurse’s Survival Guide” by Genevieve Collett:
While not specifically focused on travel nursing, this guide is a valuable resource for nurses navigating their early careers.Covers essential topics such as time management, self-care, and adapting to new environments – valuable skills for travel nurses. Practical advice with a focus on personal and professional growth.

7. “Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing 2017” by Epstein LaRue:
An updated edition of the popular guide, providing the latest information on the travel nursing industry. Offers insights into the best agencies, contract negotiation tips, and essential resources for travel nurses. A trusted reference for those looking to stay informed about the evolving landscape of travel nursing.


Whether you’re considering a career as a travel nurse or are already immersed in the lifestyle, these books offer a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice. From guidebooks to personal narratives, each title contributes to a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and rewards that come with being a travel nurse. So, grab a book and embark on a literary journey that complements your real-life adventures on the road.


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