The Best Unisex Tote Bags for Travel Nurses


Chloe’ Sizer | January 12th, 2024

For travel nurses juggling the demands of a dynamic profession, a unisex tote bag serves as an essential companion. A well-designed tote combines practicality, durability, and style, accommodating the diverse needs of healthcare professionals on the go. In this blog post, we’ll explore a selection of the best unisex tote bags tailored to meet the unique requirements of travel nurses, ensuring they have a reliable and versatile carryall for their daily endeavors.

1. Dagne Dover Classic Tote:
Dagne Dover’s Classic Tote is praised for its thoughtful design and organization. Multiple compartments, a laptop sleeve, and a durable coated canvas make it a perfect fit for travel nurses.

2. Everlane The Day Market Tote:
Everlane’s Day Market Tote offers a sleek and minimalist design suitable for both work and casual settings. Spacious interior with a secure magnetic closure for convenience.

3. TUMI Voyageur Just In Case Travel Tote:
TUMI’s Voyageur tote is a lightweight and foldable option perfect for travel. Durable nylon construction, multiple pockets, and a sleek design make it an excellent choice for travel nurses.

4. Rothy’s Essential Tote:
Rothy’s combines sustainability with style in their Essential Tote. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s water-resistant, machine-washable, and designed with practicality in mind.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Strand Tote:
Herschel’s Strand Tote offers a classic, unisex design with modern functionality. Features a snap-down design for a streamlined look and a spacious main compartment.

6. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote:
Cuyana’s Classic Leather Tote exudes sophistication and versatility. Made from premium leather, it’s a timeless choice that can easily transition from work to leisure.

7. Lands’ End Zip-Top Canvas Tote Bag:
Lands’ End provides a durable and budget-friendly option with their Zip-Top Canvas Tote. A roomy interior, sturdy canvas construction, and a zip-top closure ensure security for travel nurses.

8. Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase:
Topo Designs’ Commuter Briefcase offers a unisex design with outdoor-inspired durability. Features multiple carry options, a laptop sleeve, and durable Cordura fabric.

9. Qwstion Simple Office Bag:
Qwstion’s Simple Office Bag combines style with functionality for everyday use. Water-resistant materials, multiple compartments, and a modern aesthetic make it a versatile choice.

10. Knack Pack Medium Expandable Knack Pack:
The Knack Pack is designed for professionals with a focus on organization and versatility. Expandable compartments, a dedicated laptop pocket, and a sleek silhouette cater to the needs of travel nurses.

11. Rains Tote Bag Rush:
Rains brings a waterproof option with their Tote Bag Rush. Ideal for travel nurses who may face unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring their essentials stay dry.

12. Timbuk2 Classic Tote Bag:
Timbuk2’s Classic Tote Bag blends urban style with functionality. A durable, water-resistant design with multiple internal pockets for easy organization.


Unisex tote bags for travel nurses should embody a perfect balance of form and function. The options listed above cater to various preferences, offering durability, ample storage, and a unisex design that suits the diverse styles of healthcare professionals. With the right tote, travel nurses can confidently navigate their demanding work environments while expressing their personal style.

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