The Journey to Becoming a Travel LPN


Kim Lee | September 29th, 2023

Hey there, fellow wanderers and aspiring nurses! If you’ve ever dreamt of combining your passion for healthcare with your love for exploring new places, then becoming a travel LPN might just be the adventure you’re looking for. Let me take you through my personal journey, from the day I decided to become a licensed practical nurse to the exhilarating moments of providing care in different corners of the world. 

The Spark of Passion for Nursing: 

It all began with a spark. A desire to make a difference in people’s lives, to be a pillar of support during their most vulnerable times. I found myself drawn to the world of nursing, and that’s when I took my first step towards becoming a practical nurse. 

Embracing the LPN Path: 

Becoming an LPN was my ticket into the world of nursing. It’s a rewarding role that involves hands-on patient care, working alongside registered nurses and other healthcare professionals. LPNs play a crucial part in the healthcare ecosystem, providing essential care and assistance to patients in various settings. 

The Educational Journey: 

To embark on this journey, I knew I needed the right education. I enrolled in a practical nursing program, where I gained a solid foundation in nursing skills, anatomy, pharmacology, and patient care. The program also included clinical rotations, which were like diving into the real deal – learning to provide care under the guidance of experienced nurses. 

Nailing the Licensure: 

After completing the practical nursing program, the next step was to become a licensed practical nurse. I had to pass the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses) – a challenging yet necessary step to officially enter the nursing field. Studying, preparation, and a dash of determination helped me conquer this hurdle. 

The Wanderlust Within: 

As my nursing career took off, my wanderlust continued to burn bright. That’s when I discovered the captivating world of travel nursing. The idea of blending my nursing skills with my passion for exploration was irresistible. 

Transitioning to Travel LPN: 

Becoming a travel LPN was like adding wings to my nursing career. It involved a few additional steps – researching travel nursing agencies, updating my resume, and gathering my credentials. The agency I chose became my partner in this adventure, helping me find assignments in different locations. 

Adventures Across Borders: 

And so, my journey as a travel LPN began. From bustling city hospitals to serene rural clinics, each assignment brought its own challenges and rewards. Adapting to new work environments, meeting diverse healthcare teams, and connecting with patients from various walks of life – every experience enriched my nursing skills and broadened my perspective. 

Navigating Challenges: 

Of course, no adventure is complete without challenges. Adapting to new hospital protocols, different charting systems, and occasionally feeling like the new kid on the block were all part of the journey. But each challenge was a chance to learn and grow, making me a more resilient and versatile nurse. 

Rewards Beyond Measure: 

The rewards of being a travel LPN are immeasurable. The friendships forged with colleagues across the map, the cultural experiences gained from living in different places, and the impact made on patients who needed care – these are the treasures that make every challenge worth it. 

Your Path to Becoming a Travel LPN: 

If you’re itching to follow a similar path, here’s a roadmap to guide you: 

  • Education: Start by becoming a licensed practical nurse. Enroll in an LPN program and gain the necessary skills and knowledge. 
  • Licensure: Pass the NCLEX-PN to become a licensed practical nurse in your state. 
  • Experience: Gain experience as an LPN to build a strong foundation in patient care. 
  • Research: Explore travel nursing agencies to find the one that suits you best. 
  • Credentials: Gather your credentials and update your resume. 
  • Partner Up: Choose a travel nursing agency that aligns with your goals and values. 
  • Adventure Time: Accept assignments in different locations and embrace the adventure. 

Final Thoughts: 
Becoming a travel LPN has been an incredible journey – a blend of my love for nursing and my desire to explore. It’s not just a career choice; it’s a lifestyle that keeps me excited about what each new assignment will bring. So, if you’re a licensed practical nurse with a heart full of wanderlust, don’t hesitate to take the leap. Your journey as a travel LPN awaits – filled with challenges, growth, and unforgettable moments. 


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