The Ultimate Guide to South Carolina’s Must-See Spots and the Fulfilling Path Awaiting Labor and Delivery RNs in the South


Kim Lee | January 2nd, 2024


So, you’re a Labor and Delivery RN searching for your next assignment? Well, buckle up because we’re about to explore the wonders of the Palmetto State, South Carolina! From picturesque landscapes to a thriving healthcare scene, this state has it all. Join us as we delve into must-visit places and unravel why South Carolina should be your next destination as a Labor and Delivery RN. 

Charleston – Where History Meets Southern Charm

Start your South Carolina journey in the heart of the Lowcountry – Charleston. As a Labor and Delivery RN, the historic charm and coastal vibes will provide the perfect backdrop for your work-life balance. The city’s renowned medical facilities offer great opportunities for Labor and Delivery RN jobs. Picture yourself strolling down Rainbow Row during your days off and savoring the rich history that Charleston exudes. 

Myrtle Beach – Sun, Sand, and Serenity

Head east to experience the Atlantic Ocean’s embrace at Myrtle Beach. Imagine the therapeutic sound of waves after a rewarding shift. Myrtle Beach is not just a vacation spot; it’s a lifestyle. Labor and Delivery RN jobs are abundant in the healthcare hubs here, making it an ideal spot to further your career while enjoying the coastal breeze on your days off. 

Greenville – A Hidden Gem in the Upstate

Venture into the Upstate region and discover Greenville, a city that beautifully blends the old with the new. As a Labor and Delivery Nurse, you’ll appreciate the innovative healthcare facilities and the balance between urban amenities and natural beauty. Falls Park on the Reedy offers a tranquil escape, providing the perfect contrast to the high-energy environment of a Labor and Delivery unit. 

Columbia – The Capital of Opportunity

Make your way to the heart of South Carolina, Columbia, the state’s capital. As a Labor and Delivery RN, you’ll find a multitude of career opportunities in this bustling city. The healthcare landscape is dynamic, offering a variety of settings to hone your skills. Beyond work, Columbia’s vibrant arts scene and diverse cuisine will ensure your days off are as enriching as your workdays. 

Hilton Head Island – Luxury Living and Seaside Splendor

For a taste of luxury combined with seaside tranquility, Hilton Head Island beckons. Labor and Delivery RN jobs in this resort destination promise a unique professional experience. Imagine unwinding on pristine beaches and exploring world-class golf courses during your downtime. Hilton Head Island offers a work-play balance that’s hard to beat. 

Spartanburg – Southern Hospitality in the Foothills 

Wrap up your South Carolina tour in Spartanburg, a city that embodies Southern hospitality. The close-knit community provides a warm and welcoming environment for a Labor and Delivery Nurse. The city’s healthcare facilities may be smaller, but the opportunities for personal and professional growth are substantial. Experience the beauty of the foothills and enjoy a slower pace of life while excelling in your career. 


South Carolina isn’t just a state; it’s a mosaic of diverse experiences waiting to be explored. As a Labor and Delivery RN, the opportunities for growth and fulfillment in your career are abundant. Whether you choose the historic allure of Charleston, the coastal haven of Myrtle Beach, the modern sophistication of Greenville, the dynamic landscape of Columbia, the luxury living on Hilton Head Island, or the charming ambiance of Spartanburg, South Carolina has something for every Labor and Delivery Nurse. 

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