Travel Nursing Comes With It’s Perks


Think of travel nursing as one never ending journey, jumping from city to city, or even state to state for assignments. Permanent staffing might have been for you when first entering healthcare, but there’s no doubt you’ve come across travel nurses who skip the day-in and day-out repetitiveness and get to explore the country while helping facilities fulfill their openings.

First things first, what even is a travel nurse? Let’s put it this way. You’re either an RN, CNA, LPN, Allied or other medical professional that wants to help fulfill critical openings at facilities or hospitals. You have 2+ year experience so you’re able to jump into a facility and quickly get accustomed to the environment and the desire to travel around the country! Sounds like you? Keep reading.

Travel Nursing Comes with Benefits

It depends who you’re talking to, these may vary in importance from healthcare professional to healthcare professional but we think all of these perks are pretty cool.

Endless Adventure

There’s no need to take PTO or sick leave to explore the country, worry about what’s happening while you’re on PTO – it’s sure bliss to take your time in-between assignments to explore, or explore while on assignment. Some assignments offer day, night or even 3 x 12 hour shifts do there’s more time for you to explore.

Nonetheless, you get to learn about new cultures, the way of life, stories from those around you and even understand the different healthcare systems which can come in handy when bringing expertise to the table.

You Decide Your Schedule

Thought you’d love that city/state and it’s just not doing it for you? Head to another one on your next assignment! Not only is your location flexible but so are your hours – you can look for assignments that best suit your needs whether that be night shift, day shifts, etc. You can even go as far as changing your specialty and get compensation for new licenses, just ask one of our Focus Staff recruiters.

High Pay

From housing reimbursements to referral bonuses and more, the perks are endless when it comes to pay. Depending on which agency you decide to work with, some have unique offerings, different compensation for referrals and more. To see ours, click here.

Job Security

There’s no doubt that there’s job security while you’re a travel nurse – across new headlines we see healthcare professional shortages consistently, there’s always facilities in need for experienced RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Allied and more!

The need is real, the patients need the right amount of care and thanks to travel nursing, you can help others and explore cities at the same time.

Joining a Community

There’s only so many travel nurses around the country. We’ve heard travelers stories of meeting other travel nurses and continuing as pairs from one assignment to the next, reaching out to the community for chitchat, advice or for general support.


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