Traveler of the Year – Maria Diaz


Focus Staff is thrilled to announce that Maria Diaz (RN) is our Traveler of the Year!

Maria is an exemplary part of the Focus Staff team and epitomizes the talented and hardworking travel nurse. She began her travel career with Focus Staff (her first and only agency) in May of 2019. Currently, she’s a traveler at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where she’s completed multiple extensions on the Med Surg unit and has lent her talents to additional units including PCU, ER, and COVID-19.

There are several reasons why Maria loves being a travel nurse. “I like to know about the state and its tourist areas,” she says. “I’m very adventurous and feel like I’m on vacation all the time. Plus, in every assignment, you learn from and get to know other very dedicated nurses.”

In addition to her San Antonio, Texas Methodist Hospital assignment, one of Maria’s other favorite travel assignments was at Florida’s Gulf Coast Hospital in Panama City. She was even nominated for the Daisy Award there and recognized for dedication and compassion in helping others, including COVID-19 patients.

Maria’s passion for nursing doesn’t stop outside of her shifts. “I started a Facebook Group called ‘A Diary of a Gypsy Nurse’ that shares insights, educational topics, and travel adventures with other healthcare travelers,” Maria says. “The page includes photos from different locations and is a lot of fun!”

Congratulations to Maria for becoming Focus Staff’s Traveler of the Year – thank you for your continued efforts!

Maria is a stellar example of the dedicated nurses and healthcare professionals who partner with Focus Staff. Our mission is to find travel professionals with the skills and experience necessary to fill a wide range of healthcare employment opportunities. If you’re looking for your next great assignment as a traveling healthcare professional, contact us today.

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