Crafting a Winning Resume for a Travel Nurse: Your Ticket to Exciting Adventures


Chloe’ Sizer | July 24th, 2023

Are you a passionate and adventurous nurse seeking a career that combines your love for nursing with your wanderlust spirit? Becoming a travel nurse might just be the perfect path for you! Travel nursing offers a unique opportunity to explore different cities, experience diverse cultures, and make a positive impact on patients’ lives across the country. However, before you embark on this thrilling journey, you’ll need a powerful resume that showcases your skills, experience, and adaptability. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential steps of crafting a standout resume that will open doors to your dream travel nursing assignments.

1. Start with a Strong Objective or Summary Statement:

Begin your resume with a compelling objective or summary statement that highlights your career goals as a travel nurse. Tailor it to the specific job you are applying for and emphasize your willingness to relocate, adapt to new environments, and contribute your expertise to various healthcare settings.

2. Highlight Your Specialized Experience:

As a travel nurse, your experience in different healthcare settings is a valuable asset. Ensure that your resume clearly outlines your specialized skills and the areas of medicine you are experienced in, such as emergency room care, intensive care, pediatrics, or oncology. Provide specific examples of how you have excelled in each of these areas.

3. Detail Your Travel Assignments:

Make a separate section on your resume to list the various travel assignments you’ve undertaken. Include the name of the hospital or facility, the location, the duration of each assignment, and the responsibilities you held. This not only showcases your adaptability but also demonstrates your success in handling diverse challenges.

4. Certifications and Licenses:

In the healthcare industry, certifications and licenses are crucial. Make sure to include a comprehensive list of your current and valid licenses, such as your RN license, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and any other relevant certifications you may have. If you’re licensed in multiple states, mention them as well.

5. Highlight Your Soft Skills:

Being a travel nurse demands not only medical expertise but also strong soft skills. Include qualities like adaptability, effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Share anecdotes that demonstrate how you’ve utilized these skills to provide exceptional patient care in challenging environments.

6. Educational Background:

Briefly outline your educational achievements, including your nursing degree and any specialized training or continuing education you’ve completed. Mention any relevant awards or honors you’ve received during your academic journey.

7. Customize for Each Application:

Tailor your resume for each travel nursing position you apply to. Carefully read the job description and incorporate the keywords and skills mentioned. This not only helps your resume pass applicant tracking systems but also shows your genuine interest in the position.

8. Highlight Your Flexibility:

Flexibility is a key attribute of a successful travel nurse. If you have experience working different shifts or adapting to last-minute changes, mention it in your resume. Employers seek candidates who can handle unexpected situations with ease.

9. Testimonials and References:

Consider including testimonials or references from supervisors or colleagues you’ve worked with during your travel assignments. Positive feedback from previous employers adds credibility to your application and demonstrates your ability to thrive as a travel nurse.

10. Formatting and Proofreading:

A well-organized and error-free resume makes a lasting impression. Use a clean, professional format with appropriate headings, bullet points, and fonts. Proofread meticulously to avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Your travel nurse resume is your gateway to a world of exciting opportunities and rewarding experiences. Craft it with care, emphasizing your passion for nursing, adaptability, and the impact you can make on patients’ lives. With a compelling resume in hand, you’ll be well on your way to embarking on an incredible journey as a travel nurse.

Remember, be persistent, stay positive, and get ready to embrace a fulfilling career that blends your love for nursing with your desire to explore the world! Bon voyage!


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