5 Nurse’s Scrub Brands to Ask Santa for this Year


So let’s take a few minutes to talk about the importance of having good scrubs. Obviously, as a travel nurse you have to wear them – so when you work 12- to 15-hour shifts on assignment they should be as comfortable as possible. But while comfort is important, your scrubs also need to be durable, affordable, and stain-resistant for those difficult shifts. Not to mention fashionable.

Finding the best scrub brands for nursing jobs can be a challenge, so here’s a shortlist of some highly recommended options for travel nurses.

Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Scrubs from Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy line were recently rated 10 out of 10 by BestProductReviews.com for their moisture-wicking properties, timeless fashion, and fit designed for comfort and ease during lengthy 12-hour shifts. Scrubs can be very boxy for many women, but this brand is said to be flattering on all body types and has an adjustable band around the upper rib cage to make them more fitted if necessary.

Cherokee Infinity Scrub Line

As travel nurses, you need a bit more from your scrubs and that’s where the Cherokee Infinity line comes in. They offer scrubs and accessories for both genders that incorporate modern fabrics and fits that are well designed for today’s travel nurse. The fabric features a four-way stretch scrub for freedom of movement and allows for all-day comfort thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric. They’re also designed to be wrinkle-free and can be ready to go right out of the suitcase on day-one of your assignment.

WonderWink Four-Stretch Line

This line offers excellent scrubs that won’t break the bank for travel nurses. The Four-Stretch line utilizes a 100% polyester fabric to create scrubs that are easy to care for and durable. There are also a variety of unisex scrubs to choose from. Scrubs from the Four-Stretch line don’t shrink, resist fades and stains, and come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-free. Thanks to the breathable, quick-drying fabric you’ll stay cool no matter where your assignments take you.

Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub

Carhartt is a well-known name in the field of nursing scrubs and durability is paramount. Coupled with the eight-pocket Carhartt Utility Scrub Bottom, this is a solid scrub pair for men, offering strength without compromising on functionality or comfort. The material is a combination of cotton and polyester. The scrubs are true to size and the back length is kept slightly longer than the front for added coverage. They come in a variety of colors and the size range is wide enough to cater to men of different heights and sizes.

Jaanuu Scrubs

Jaanuu offers scrubs for men and women that come in modern cuts with the features that busy travel nurses need at a relatively affordable price point. Sets in their Classics collections are not only affordably priced, but they come in a variety of colors – with new seasonal hues added regularly to their most popular lines. The addition of petite, tall, and extended options for women, or tall and short options for men, help ensure that everyone can find a good fit.

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