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You’re a first-time traveler, congrats! You’re about to embark on your first journey and while we know there’s a lot of excitement, we know there’s stress that creeps into it too. We’ve created a guide to help you make sure you feel ready and not wonder “did I do that” or “how will I manage” while you are on the other side of the country.


First things first, you have secured your position, but where will you stay? 

Often assignments include housing stipends and even Housing Coordinators who can help you find the best housing for your needs in the local area, whether it’s an Airbnb or an extended stay hotel, or you have fur babies that will be joining you, there are many varied factors that go into this decision so let us start with understanding what your housing budget is.


Calculate your net income including your housing stipend and be sure to set up a way to track your spending for each assignment as well as expenses.


From there you’ll be able to figure out which choice might be the best fit for you and by working with Focus Staff, you have access to discounts for sites such as:  

Skkkkrrrt Skkkkrrrt…

Now that you know your housing, you’ll understand how far you are from the facility and if you were able to get a bus route, etc. nearby. If not, having a set of wheels may just be it for you since it offers the freedom of adventure and flexibility to explore the area. There’s an array of options such as Turo or you can explore Focus Staff’s discounts for rental sites such as: 

  • Enterprise & National Car Rentals 
  • Budget Car Rentals 
  • Hertz Car Rental

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We mean, you can grow a fridge garden if that’s your vibe?

To our knowledge indoor plants have made a comeback but a fridge garden? We’re not entirely sure if those have ever been an in-thing. Here’s a couple of must-do’s before you head out: 

  • Lesson well learnt by many travelers, CLEAN.YOUR.FRIDGE.OUT 
  • Ask your neighbor to bring in mail, have USPS pause your mail or have it temporarily forwarded to your new address 
  • Take out ALL the trash – yes, everything 
  • Tidy up (fold that laundry you’ve had sitting in the dryer for days) so everything’s fresh when you get back home 

Now that your accommodation, transport and current address should all be taken care of. It’s time to start researching the area and planning your list of all the places you’ll explore! 😊 Remember to lean on your colleagues when you arrive, ask questions, be present, soak up orientation and most importantly, give yourself time to settle. Don’t worry about feeling out of place, that’ll change quickly, and you’ll find your groove. Your recruiter is there as well, so reach out to them if there’s something you need and to start exploring your next assignment when your current one is coming to a close (or extension). 

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