The Team

Kyle Rhodes, Founder, 2017 Tough Mudder

We're a competitive bunch...On and off the job.

  • Albuquerque Emmanuel HCP Advisor
  • Alex Cardenas HCP Advisor
  • Alisha Dixon HCP Advisor
  • Aviva Jenkins Manager of Advisory Services
  • Hayley Shaw Payroll Coordinator
  • Hind Haobsh A/R Coordinator
  • John Francis Senior HCP Advisor II
  • Katie Salinas AR/AP Coordinator
  • Kristi Shanahan Senior HCP Advisor II
  • Kimberly Bouton HCP Advisor
  • Kristie Smith VP of Advisory Services
  • Korie Carr HCP Advisor
  • Kyle Rhodes Founder / CEO
  • Marissa Covarrubias Client Support
  • Myra Ramirez HCP Credentialing Analyst
  • Patrick Aunkst Managing Partner
  • Sadie Lantz Recruiting Associate
  • Salina Parada HCP Credentialing Analyst
  • Shelby Curry Operations Manager
  • Teddy Thompson HCP Advisor
  • Winston Gobert HCP Advisor