Meet Angela Housey-Spruill
Healthcare Recruiter

Angela is one of our few North-easterners, and was born and raised in Stamford Connecticut.

She has been married for a really long time and is very happy about it too!  She has three amazing sons, all of whom are grown.  She does very much, miss them being small however.  She looks forward to becoming a grandmother but thats all still in the works.

Her favorite movie is “Collateral Beauty” and she loves taking long drives and blogging in her spare time.  She loves her house plants, so much so that she sings to them.  Hey, whatever it takes to keep those little babies happy!

She has been in the travel nurse space for quite some time, and really loves helping nurses get awesome jobs and make great money while doing it.  In her words, she loves to “help people get to their placed called ‘better’!”




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