Travel Health in an RV: What You Need to Know


As a healthcare traveler, one of the biggest benefits is having the freedom to work where you want when you want.

And for many travelers, that includes living full-time during their contract in an RV.

There can be a certain allure to being able to pack up and explore the world, carrying your home with you. For travelers, this can be cost-effective and a way to normalize moving every 13 weeks. Traveling healthcare professionals often opt for a 5th wheel or RV as a way to keep from packing and unpacking each trip and it’s an investment they get to actually live in.

So if RVing sounds interesting, here are five questions to ask yourself to help make your life on the road smoother:

What Kind of RV is Best for Full-Time Living?

While living in your RV full-time means you’ll need to ensure you have enough space to feel comfortable, you may not need a huge behemoth. That’s because part of RV life is exploring new and exciting locations. A smaller RV doesn’t have to feel confining when the world is your living room. Smaller RVs will also give you more flexibility when it comes to where you want to park. And they’re easier to maneuver when you’re in more urban areas.

Buy or Lease?

Will you be using your RV often? Do you have a place to store it? Do you plan to make it a consistent part of your lifestyle? If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to seriously consider buying. However, if you’re just planning one or two trips to see if you like it, your best bet would be to lease.

Are You Healthy Enough to Live in Your RV Full-Time?

RV living can be a very healthy and satisfying lifestyle. But, if you need regular medical care, you may not want to be far from your favorite health provider. If that’s not a consideration, make sure you have access to health insurance that will allow you to take care of clinics and urgent care centers as needed without breaking your budget.

How Will You Manage your Obligations?

You can leave a traditional home behind, but you can’t escape obligations like taxes, insurance, and vehicle registration rates. You’ll still need to have an official state of residence. Make sure that you have a plan for receiving and sending mail. Most travelers select a reliable mail forwarding company. States with no income tax are popular for full-time travelers.

Do you Know How to Set Up for Overnight Stays?

If you’re a beginner, you might not know what you need to do when you pull into a campground for the night. Things to do include checking your site for low branches or any objects on the ground, finding out where the electrical, water and sewage hookups are, chocking the wheels, switching your appliances to the campground electrical source from the RV, etc. The Good Sam Club is a must-have app for RV-ers, offering a range of info and discounts. In addition, many travelers swear by the KOA app that allows them to search for sites and book by phone.

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