Best Scrubs for Tall Women in Healthcare


Chloe’ Sizer | January 20th, 2024

Finding the perfect scrubs can be a challenging task for anyone, and tall women in healthcare often face additional hurdles due to variations in sizing. Fortunately, many brands now recognize the need for scrubs that cater to different body types. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best scrubs specifically designed for tall women—offering both style and functionality for those who stand tall in the world of healthcare.

1. Tall Scrub Sets by FIGS:
o FIGS is renowned for its modern and stylish scrubs, and they offer specific tall sizes.
With a focus on comfort and durability, FIGS scrubs are made from moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric.

2. Tall Scrub Sets by Jaanuu:
o Jaanuu provides chic and fashion-forward scrubs in tall sizes for women.
Tailored for a flattering fit, Jaanuu scrubs boast innovative designs and performance fabrics.

3. WonderWink WonderFLEX Grace Scrub Set:
o WonderWink’s WonderFLEX Grace Scrub Set is available in tall sizes, offering a stylish and functional option.
The blend of cotton and polyester provides a comfortable and durable solution for tall healthcare professionals.

4. Cherokee Workwear Revolution Scrub Set:
o Cherokee’s Workwear Revolution Scrub Set comes in tall sizes and is known for its comfort and versatility.
The modern fit and stretch fabric make it an excellent choice for tall women in healthcare.

5. Tall Scrub Sets by Barco One:
o Barco One offers tall sizes in their scrub sets, featuring contemporary designs and sustainable fabric.
The moisture-wicking and eco-friendly material adds an extra layer of appeal for environmentally-conscious tall healthcare professionals.

6. Landau Women’s Tall Classic Relaxed Fit Scrub Set:
o Landau’s Classic Relaxed Fit Scrub Set caters to tall women with its longer inseam.
Known for its durability and traditional styling, Landau scrubs provide a timeless option for tall healthcare workers.

7. Dickies Xtreme Stretch Tall Scrub Set:
o Dickies Xtreme Stretch Scrub Set is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility.
The tall sizing ensures a proper fit for tall women, while the stretch fabric allows for ease of movement during long shifts.

8. KOI Classics Morgan Ultra Tall Scrub Pants:
o KOI Classics offers the Morgan Ultra Tall Scrub Pants, providing extra length for tall women.
The classic styling and comfortable fabric make them a reliable choice for those who value both form and function.

9. Grey’s Anatomy Signature Women’s Tall Scrub Set:
o Grey’s Anatomy Signature line includes tall sizes for women seeking a sophisticated look.
With a focus on style and comfort, these scrubs are a popular choice among healthcare professionals.

10. Tall Scrub Sets by Smitten:
o Smitten’s tall scrub sets bring a touch of flair to healthcare attire.
Known for their fashion-forward designs, Smitten scrubs offer tall women a stylish and functional option.

11. Tall Scrub Sets by Adar Uniforms:
o Adar Uniforms provides a variety of tall scrub sets designed for comfort and durability.
The inclusive sizing options ensure a proper fit for tall women in healthcare.

12. Med Couture Activate Tall Scrub Set:
o Med Couture Activate Tall Scrub Set combines style with performance.
The stretch fabric and contemporary design make it an attractive choice for tall women seeking both comfort and fashion.

Tall women in healthcare deserve scrubs that not only fit well but also make them feel confident and comfortable during their demanding workdays. The scrubs mentioned above offer a range of styles, fabrics, and designs to suit the preferences of tall healthcare professionals. By choosing scrubs that are specifically tailored for their height, tall women can confidently stride through their shifts while maintaining a professional and stylish appearance in the healthcare arena.

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