CT Technologist

Radiology: CT

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Self-Assessment Rating Scale:

    No Experience
    Theory or observation only during the past 12 months

    Limited Experience
    Performed less than 12 times within the past 12 months and may need a review

    Performed at least once per month within the past 12 months and may need minimal assistance

    Highly Skilled
    Performed on at least a weekly basis over the past 12 months; proficient
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Abdomen - Abdominal Series
    Abdomen - Erect/Decubitis Film
    Equipment - Automatic Processing/Darkroom
    Equipment - C-Arm
    Equipment - Daylight Systems
    Equipment - Panoramix
    Equipment - Portable Exams
    Equipment - R&F Rooms
    Equipment - Large Extremeties
    Equipment - Small Extremeties
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - GI Tract (Upper and Lower)
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - Hysterosalpingogram
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - IVP/Tomograms
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - Myelogram
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - Surgery (C-Arm/Portable)
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - Swallowing Functions
    Flouroscopy/Special Exams - Trauma Cases
    Head/Skull - Facial Bones
    Head/Skull - Mandible
    Head/Skull - Nasal Bones
    Head/Skull - Orbits
    Pediatric - Chest/Abdomen
    Pediatric - Extremities
    Pediatric - Head Work
    Pediatric - Spine
    Spine/Pelvis - Lumbar Spine
    Spine/Pelvis - Scoliosis Studies
    Spine/Pelvis - SI Joints
    Spine/Pelvis - Thoracic Spine
    Thorax - Decubitis Chest
    Thorax - PA/Lat Chest
    Thorax - Ribs
    Thorax - Sternum
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    3-D or Multidimensional
    Abdomen Studies
    Biopsy/Angio Procedures
    Brain with Contrast
    Bran without Contrast
    Cervical Spine
    Lumbar Spine
    PET Scan
    Thoracic Spine

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