• MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Self-Assessment Rating Scale:

    No Experience
    Theory or observation only during the past 12 months

    Limited Experience
    Performed less than 12 times within the past 12 months and may need a review

    Performed at least once per month within the past 12 months and may need minimal assistance

    Highly Skilled
    Performed on at least a weekly basis over the past 12 months; proficient
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Concept of Fixation
    Assist with Frozen Sectioning
    QC Req and Documentation
    Collection of Tissue Specimen
    Bone Marrow Biopsy & Slides
    Filing of Slides & Blocks
    Tissue Embedding (inc small Bxs)
    Running of Tissue Processor
    Microtome & Disposable Blades
    Principle of Hematoxylin & Eosin Stain
    Decalcify Bone & Hand Tissue
    Grossing Small Specimen
    Storage Time of Wet Tissues
    Disposal of Wet Tissues
    Universal Histology Precautions
    Preparation of Stains/Reagents
    Proper Labeling of Reagents
    MOHS Sectioning
    GYN Prep & Staining
    Non-GYN Prep/Staining
    FNA Collections
    Electronic Documents
  • No ExperienceLimited ExperienceExperiencedHighly Skilled
    Group I
    Group II
    Group III
    Group IV
    Group V

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