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Angelina was originally born in Charleston South Carolina, but was raised in sunny Tampa Bay. She has now been in the industry several years, as a top producer, and knows her way around a travel assignment or two!
She loves to travel, enjoy new ‘foodie’ spots, and has a passion for live jazz and live music altogether.
She rescued a chichuaha mix, that is the feistiest but also sweetest dog ever. She considers the doggie, her second daughter along with her 9 year old ‘human’ daughter.
Her favorite thing about her job is building long term relationships with her travelers and living their journeys vicariously.

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Angelina is a great recruiter. I trust her to guide me in the right direction as this was my first time working with an agency. She answers my questions thoroughly and helps find any information I need. She advocates for me and is efficient, accommodating last minute needs. She’s the best!”

Tiffany M.
Tele RN

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Angelina was very supportive. I thought once I started the assignment I would not hear much from her. She asked if it was ok to check in and see how it was going. I told her absolutely. She did just what she said. She was so positive always. It was like talking to a friend. Even after I told her I obtained a contract with another company that was too good to pass up, she asked if she could follow up with me to see how my new assignment is going. I hope to be able to work with her again on a future assignment!”

Tamara N.

What my Travelers have to Say about Me

“Get more Reps like Angelina Jacobs….She Rocks!”

Stephen L.
X-Ray Tech
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