Which Travel Nurses Make the Most Money?


Chloe’ Sizer | January 27th, 2024

Hey fellow travel enthusiasts and ambitious healthcare professionals! If you’re on the lookout for travel nursing opportunities that not only satisfy your wanderlust but also fill your pockets, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re delving into the world of travel nursing specialties that are known to bring in the big bucks. Buckle up, because we’re about to uncover the top-paying travel nursing gigs!

1. Critical Care and ICU Rockstars:
If you thrive in high-pressure environments and have a passion for critical care, specializing in ICU travel nursing can be a lucrative choice. Hospitals are often in need of experienced and skilled nurses to manage complex cases, making critical care specialties one of the top earners in the travel nursing realm.

2. Emergency Room Extravagance:
Emergency room nurses are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world, and their expertise is in high demand. Travel nurses with ER experience often find themselves at the forefront of well-compensated assignments. The fast-paced nature of the ER, coupled with the need for quick decision-making, makes ER travel nurses valuable assets.

3. Operating Room Maestros:
Surgeons need a reliable and skilled team in the operating room, and travel nurses specializing in OR and surgical nursing are handsomely rewarded. These assignments often come with competitive pay packages, reflecting the specialized skills required for successful surgical procedures.

4. Labor and Delivery High Earners:
Bringing new life into the world is a demanding but incredibly rewarding job. Travel nurses specializing in labor and delivery are often sought after, especially in areas with high birth rates or seasonal fluctuations. The unique skill set required in this specialty contributes to higher compensation.

5. Traveling to Telemetry Triumph:
Telemetry nurses, who monitor patients using advanced technology, are in demand across various healthcare settings. Their ability to interpret complex data and provide critical care makes them valuable assets. Travel nursing assignments in telemetry can offer attractive compensation packages.

6. Pediatric Perks:
Pediatric nurses specializing in travel nursing are not only making a difference in the lives of little ones but also enjoying competitive pay. As a pediatric travel nurse, you may find opportunities in children’s hospitals, pediatric clinics, or general healthcare facilities in need of specialized care for their younger patients.

7. Niche Specialties and Certifications:
Beyond the traditional specialties, travel nurses with niche certifications or expertise in specific areas such as oncology, neurology, or cardiology can command higher salaries. Obtaining additional certifications in your chosen specialty can open doors to high-paying travel nursing assignments.


Follow Your Passion, Follow the Money
While the allure of high-paying travel nursing assignments is enticing, it’s crucial to balance financial goals with personal fulfillment. Choose a specialty that aligns with your passion and expertise, and the monetary rewards will follow. Whether you’re drawn to the fast-paced world of the ER or the heartwarming realm of labor and delivery, there’s a lucrative travel nursing specialty waiting for you. So, pack your bags, follow your passion, and let the adventure begin – with a little extra cash in your pocket!



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