Why Asheville, NC is the Perfect Place for Travel Med Surg Nurses


Chloe’ Sizer | March 10th, 2024

Spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to embrace the season than by embarking on a new adventure? As a travel Med Surg nurse, you have the unique opportunity to explore new places while using your skills to make a difference. This spring, why not consider Asheville, North Carolina, as your next destination? Here’s why Asheville could be the perfect blend of professional and personal fulfillment:

A Booming Healthcare Landscape:

  • Asheville boasts a thriving healthcare sector, with several reputable hospitals like Mission Hospital and Asheville VA Medical Center consistently seeking skilled nurses.
  • As a travel Med Surg nurse, you’ll be in high demand, playing a vital role in caring for patients in diverse medical and surgical settings.
  • Expect competitive compensation packages and the opportunity to contribute to a growing and progressive healthcare community.

Springtime Splendor in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

  • Asheville is nestled amidst the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, offering stunning scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities.
  • Spring paints the landscape with vibrant colors, creating the perfect backdrop for hiking, biking, waterfalls, and exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Immerse yourself in the fresh mountain air and embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you, fostering a healthy work-life balance.

A Vibrant City with a Unique Charm:

  • Asheville is more than just stunning scenery; it’s a city brimming with culture and charm.
  • Explore the historic downtown with its unique shops, breweries, and art galleries.
  • Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant music scene or catch a performance at the renowned Biltmore Estate.
  • Asheville offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse population, creating a truly enriching experience.

Beyond the City Limits:

  • Asheville sits within easy reach of charming towns like Hendersonville and Brevard, offering additional cultural experiences and outdoor adventures.
  • Take a day trip to charming vineyards in the Yadkin Valley or explore the unique shops and restaurants in nearby towns.
  • Asheville provides a perfect home base for exploring the diverse offerings of Western North Carolina.

Spring Break for the Soul:

  • Being a travel nurse can be demanding, but Asheville offers the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge during your downtime.
  • The city’s relaxed pace and natural beauty provide a welcome respite from the fast-paced hospital environment.
  • Engage in outdoor activities, unwind at a local spa, or simply soak in the stunning mountain views – Asheville caters to your well-being needs.

So, if you’re a travel Med Surg nurse seeking a rewarding professional experience coupled with a springtime adventure, Asheville, NC, awaits! With its thriving healthcare system, breathtaking scenery, vibrant city life, and diverse surroundings, Asheville offers the perfect blend of work and play, making it the ideal destination for your next travel nursing assignment.


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