Creative Ways to Document Your Travel Experiences


For many traveling healthcare professionals, being on the road is a large part of the allure of the job.

Not being permanently tied down to the same hospital, clinic or city can offer the freedom to see the countryside and explore new adventures.

But if you’re like most travelers, you’ll want to share your adventures with those you know and love. You have stories worth telling – which means trying to remember several months of experiences in your head can be a bit difficult!

So what’s the best way to document your exploits and keep your audience on the edge of their seats? Glad you asked because the following 5 tips will help you gather together the highlights of your travails before you forget them. Here goes:

Create a Shadow Box

Shadowboxes add a dimension to the old framed photo and allow you to work a lot more creatively. Small collectibles find a dust-free zone alongside tickets and tokens inside a deep frame that can be hung on a wall or stand on its own. The best shadow boxes tell a story and include artifacts, mementos, and photos of people you’ve met during your journey. Shadow boxes are great for displaying your mementos and memories from the road.

Design a Digital Photo Album

Don’t let your digital pictures get trapped on your camera, computer or simply floating around in a cloud. Create a beautiful photo album using online services such as Snapfish and Shutterfly. Photo books can simply be pictures – or you can add text. Short captions can be a great way to tell the story of a photo – just keep them short!

Capture Moving Memories with a Video

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to be able to shoot a video of your travels. If you can use a smartphone or tablet and are able to find the video button, you’re most of the way there. Videos are great ways to capture your thoughts and happenings on the road. One tip – if you’re going to shoot a panorama and will be moving the camera from side to side, be sure to do it slowly.  If you’re truly the creative type, you could take snippets of video and edit them into a highlight reel once you’re back home. It’s an excellent way to share your adventures – as well as remember them.

Keep a Journal

While you’re enjoying a coffee in Seattle or sitting and gazing at the ocean from a Florida beach, document your memories with an old-school notebook and let your thoughts flow. No wi-fi required. The only thing you’ll need to do is remember to bring a pad and pen.

Start a Blog

If you’re planning to write regularly and publicly about your time on the road, a blog is an excellent option – especially if you’d like to share your adventures with folks back home. Check out popular platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace that are free to use and easy to learn. And be sure to proofread what you write before posting – to help eliminate embarrassing typos.

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